Selasa, 07 April 2015

Artwork (?)

Can't be count as an artwork, actually. I made these things as my way to learn photoshop. And the result? Like what you see, not bad at all #eaaak #pedengets hihi :B

1. Text Poster, or usually known as Typography Effect. The object of this pic is my boyfriend. I like to made him as my work object, though he didn't like it :B 
 2. Based on Obama HOPE Poster, i made this one with the same object :B
It's kinda difficult to made this pic because the basic photo is a bit dark.

3. Watercolor Effect . I made this one for my beloved best friend. She passed her final project proposal seminar and this is the gift for her.

4. Another Text Poster in different style. The object is my youngest sister.

5. Easter Project. As a last year student in uni with nothing to do, i decide to do my old hobby, drawing. I draw this manually then give some colors with photoshop. Kinda weird but not too bad hehe :B

6. The last, my lovely father birthday's project. I made this with all of my longing. I know he can't see this pict but i also know that he's smiling at me from his place when i drawing this pict. Happy 54th birthday, dad. Even we are not together, but you will always in my heart. Your little daughter will always miss youuu <3 p="">

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